Predator Campers offers maximum warranties on all camper trailers purchased directly from Predator Campers or one of our authorized dealerships. Please read the following information applicable to warranties. Should you have any questions please raise them with Predator Campers. When purchasing a camper trailer from Predator Campers you agreed to all terms and conditions of the warranty as set out below.

We offer a twelve (12) month warranty on all tent materials and workmanship and a twelve (12) month warranty on all trailer materials/components and workmanship, as well as a 5 year structural warranty on the chassis and drawbar.

Terms and Conditions of Warranty

  1. Warranties are valid only for camper trailers purchased new from a registered Predator Campers outlet, one of our dealerships or from a trade stand run by Predator Campers.
  2. The Warranty is valid only for the original purchaser and from the date of purchase. Warranty coverage does not extend if the trailer is on-sold.
  3. Warranties do not extend to second hand trailers or to any demonstration or damaged trailers purchased from authorized or unauthorized dealerships.
  4. Warranties extend only to the original camper trailer components and do not extend to unauthorized modifications; improper use of camper trailers; or to camper trailers used for commercial purposes such as hire or rental.
  5. All warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase.
  6. All warranty repairs must be approved by a Predator Campers representative in writing prior to repairs being undertaken. This may be in the form of email communications.
  7. All warranty repairs will be assessed to ensure that the trailer/tent has been used as instructed at hand over. Damage from misuse of camper trailers by the owner will not be covered by warranty.
  8. All warranty repairs must be undertaken at a registered Predator Campers branch or approved/organized by a Predator Campers representative to be undertaken at an agreed repairer’s premises.
  9. All expenses involved in returning a trailer for warranty claim to the branch are the responsibility of the owner.


All tents carry a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase on canvas and accessories excluding zips, eyelets, fly mesh and D-rings. These items are only warranted against defective workmanship and materials. Warranty does not cover misuse or over-stretching of fabrics, seams and zips; mould damage from tents being packed up wet; incorrectly packed tents; damage of any kind; wear and tear; aging of fabric or alterations. In the event of purchasing a damaged or factory second tent no warranty applies, except if offered in writing by an authorized Predator Campers representative.

Camper Trailers
Predator Campers offers a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase on camper trailer components, workmanship and materials excluding rust, jockey wheels, consumables such as brake pads, light bulbs, water pumps, rims and tyres and wheel bearings. These items are only warranted against defective workmanship or materials.

Electrical Components
All electrical components on the trailer carry a 12 month warranty unless otherwise stated by the component manufacturer.