Predator Campers are new to the industry by name only. Predator’s team consists of highly qualified engineers and tradesmen to ensure you receive the best camper possible.

Our Story

In 2012 under the name of Westcott Campers we introduced three new styles of camper trailers into Victoria, to test the market and see what Australian campers wanted and needed. With great success, we went back to the drawing board and continued to improve our top selling campers in both quality and design. In 2014, with new models and features no camper has had before, we launched under the new name “Predator Campers” and have since made an impact in the market with our impeccable customer service and high quality campers.

Since then we have not stopped, opening a new showroom in Melbourne, a brand new showroom in Perth and setting up a distributor ship in Wagga Wagga. We are constantly developing new ways to improve our campers, making them stronger and more feature packed than ever.

In 2015 we aim to open showrooms in Brisbane and New South Wales, whilst setting up even more distributors across Australia.

The Team

Consisting of a mix of youth and experience, Predator Campers challenges the norm with new ideas and products, whilst maintaining valuable experience in all areas of manufacturing; including engineering, designing, electrical and mechanical work. Together we have over 20 years in the industry, having travelled and tested our products all over Australia.
Our team are there to accommodate your needs, and make your buying experience enjoyable and hassle free.

Customer Service

When you buy from Predator Campers you are assured of the best customer service the industry can provide, manufacturing strong, reliable and affordable campers that will take you far and beyond.

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