Lancelin is a small fishing and tourist town 127 km north of Perth, Western Australia. Lancelin is known for its sand dunes which are the largest in the state, containing absolutely nothing but pure white sand and no vegetation. They are around 2 kilometres long and provide the perfect spot for sandboarding and more importantly four wheel driving! The waters around Lancelin a filled with fish due to a large number of reef and coral systems along the coast, and with fourteen shipwrecks along the coastline, the area allows for spectacular diving. With not only an amazing sight at sunrise or sunset, Lancelin offers some of the most beautiful scenery in Western Australia.

State: Western Australia
Location: Lancelin
Distance from City: 228km (1:30 hours)
Best for: Beaches, Sand Dunes, Fishing


We left from Perth and made our way up the beautiful West Australian coastline to Lancelin. The dunes were tall and calm, waiting to claim their next victim. We towed the Viper RT across some heavily corrugated rocks to the edge of the dunes, the independent suspension proving its worth, and slowly mapped out where we wanted to go. A scout driver went ahead and directed us through the steep drops and mountain high climbs we encountered. The trailer being so light skipped across the sand, the Landrover easily pulling it over any of its obstacles.

As the sun slowly set, we made our way to the beach and set up the Viper’s side awning, only metres away from Lancelin’s’ crystal clear water. After a well deserved beer (or three), we packed up and were on the road again to Jurien Bay.

lancelin cover


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